2016 PSRA Meeting Materials

The below links contain handouts that will be used at the 2016 PSRA meeting on 30th August. As part of the PSRA process we will be asking all PC members if they have reviewed these handouts - to save time at the meeting please review these handouts in advance. The PSRA Committee will be walking the PC through the process and reviewing the content of the handouts with you.

If you have questions regarding any of these handouts before the PSRA meeting please contact Chante Stubbs at: Chante.Stubbs@nashville.gov   (615-340-5357)

Handout #1 Conflict of Interest Form

Handout # 2 HRSA Service Definitions

Handout # 3 Review of 3 Year Priorities

Handout # 4 Allocation Recommendations from PSRA Committee

Handout # 5 Other Service Resources

Handout # 6 Estimated HIV Funding in the TGA

Handout # 7 Service Utilization Report

Handout # 8A New Directive for 2016

Handout # 8B Review of 2015 Directives